Sustainable Development Goals Northern Ireland

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The NI Open Government Network is working in partnership with networks in England, Scotland and Wales to build the capacity of citizens and civil society to use open government approaches to progress the Sustainable Development Goals.

It will aim to secure government actions and commitments at the devolved UK nation level by mobilising civil society and citizens using open government approaches. Project streams will include:

  • Developing the capacity of civil society
  • Engaging under-represented groups
  • Facilitating engagement between civil society and their UK devolved governments
  • Digital platforms for international learning
  • Promoting implementation of the SDG’s

The project is formally linked to the International Open Government Partnership, where governments and civil society have been given an equal say in the commitments made by 70 countries to be more open. It will use open government commitments to help people secure progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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