Sustainable Development Goals Northern Ireland

UN Sustainable Development Goals – NI Case Studies

‘Supporting partner’ case studies for inclusion in the Northern Ireland reporting to the UK Voluntary National Review process

Northern Ireland Environment Link (NIEL) is the networking and forum body for non-statutory organisations concerned with the environment of Northern Ireland. Its 65 Full Members represent over 90,000 individuals, 262 subsidiary groups. Members are involved in environmental issues of all types and at all levels from the local community to the global environment. NIEL brings together a wide range of knowledge, experience and expertise which can be used to help develop policy, practice and implementation across a wide range of environmental fields.

This Paper provides examples of projects being undertaken by the NGO sector that contribute to delivery of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Northern Ireland. Many of the projects contribute to the delivery of multiple goals, but for ease of presentation, each project has been listed under the most relevant Goal.

We look forward to working further with the Department to build on this initial reporting and support government in ensuring more effective implementation of the Goals in Northern Ireland.

The paper can be downloaded here…

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